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Am niste noi imfromatii pentru voi despre acest serial.Au mai aparut 2 postere “What’s your power?” cu Gale Harold(Charles Meade) si Natasha Henstidge (Dawn Chamberlain).


The series’ second episode will deal with the limitations of their powers. “That was the big fear. If you can do a spell why can’t you just do another spell to make that spell bigger,” admitted Williamson. “How do you ground it and make it real and tell this emotional story? The second episode will answer that question.”


Make It or Break It star Zachary Abel has landed a guest spot onThe Secret Circle, the new multigenerational supernatural drama from The Vampire Diariesexec producer Kevin Williamson premiering Sept. 15 on The CW.

“I was watching the dailies [Friday], and I think he’s doing a really great job,” Williamson tells EW. “So I’m very excited about that story.” As of now, it’s a one-episode appearance, but with the halls of Chance Harbor High needing to be populated, one never knows what might happen.

he cast of the CW’s The Secret Circle is well aware of the buzz around the show as a result of the popular young- adult book series and know it’s a lot to live up to.

“It’s stressful, because we want to make sure people like what we’re doing and we can only go by what we hope people will like at this point because no one has seen it,” cast member Thomas Dekker said.

In a chat with EW, cast members Gale Harold, Adam Harrington, Thomas Dekker, and Ashley Crow talk about those big expectations and how the show will live up to the fan hype.


“Nick is a troubled young man,” Miller tells us, laughing a bit. “Both his parents are dead; he lives with his aunt and uncle. He’s a little bit more messed up than the other ones. He’s got this cool guy facade, but he spends a lot of time pushing people away, probably out of insecurity and fear.”

Fans frequently ask us whether Nick and Cassie will have a romantic connection on the show the way that they seem to in the novels. As of right now, Miller says, there aren’t plans to highlight a romantic spark between them. Cassie has her hands full relationship-wise with Adam (Thomas Dekker) who is currently dating her one friend in town, Diana (Shelley Henning)


Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is a bit of a sidekick to the “bad girl” Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) when we first meet her. “Melissa is an insecure mean girl. She has this unique position of being friends with Faye, which kind of makes her a powerful girl at school, and yet, she’s not ‘that girl,’ so she’s kind of in a weird spot,” Miller explains. “She’s been living in Faye’s shadow for their entire friendship, which is a safe place to be because it’s not a lot of pressure, but at the same time she’s not given the opportunities to assert herself in any real, meaningful way.”

As the series marches on, we’ll see a change in Melissa. “Over the course of the season, as she comes into her power, she’ll create a clear definition for herself and it will help her define herself outside of her relationship with Faye in a really cool way,” Miller says.


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