Hm…Vampire Diaries News?

V-am aratat spoilere Secret Circle azi dar hai sa nu uitam de  Vampire Diaries.In primul rand se pare ca Vicky si Anna nu il vor bantui mult pe Jeremy…

Harrison: Can. Not. Wait. For The Vampire Diaries to return. Can you tell us what’s up with Jeremy seeing the dead chicks? How long will they be on? And does this mean things are over with Bonnie?

Nothing like some “dead chicks” to really liven up the place, eh? I’m hearing some very good things about that storyline—It’s gonna be twisty and turny and cool. Also hearing Malese Jow (Anna) and Kayla Ewell (Vicki) will be in about a handful of episodes (somewhere around six) and they will be recurring throughout the season. So you’ll get some fun “dead chick” splashes there for a while, but they won’t be around enough to muck things up with Bonnie. Win-win-win.

Aflam mai multe despre Vicky…

What can we expect from Vicki’s storyline in season 3? Are you going to have scenes with Matt and Tyler or only with Jeremy?

Season 3 is jam packed with so much action and romance and Vicki is right in the middle of it all. The writers have really started to explore the brother/sister relationship of Vicki and Matt. It’s been emotional and chilling at the same time. It’s been a lot of night shoots and stunts. The fans will be very pleased with the unexpected twists and turns.

Siiiiiiii sa vedem si ceva poze nu?


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