Secret circle…

Ce?Ce?Ghiciti ce?Alte noutati Secret Circle!Yay <:-P Haideti sa aruncam o privire pe ele…

In primul rand o parte din interviul lui Britt Robertson in care ea isi descrie personajul…

What is her initial reaction to all of this?

ROBERTSON: To run away from it. If someone was to tell you that you were a witch, I think that it would be somewhat like, “You’ve got to be kidding me! I’m out of here! You’re crazy!”

Does the witchcraft itself freak her out?

ROBERTSON: She knows nothing about it. Her mother was very guarded about that whole world. Her mom ran from it and didn’t want any part of it, and Cassie has no knowledge of what it truly is. Her conflict is learning what it’s about and how to deal with it, and whether to embrace it or run from it. That’s her inner conflict.

How long do you think she’ll be resisting this power?

ROBERTSON: You can only resist the power for so long, when it’s all you have. She has no family. She has nothing else to reach out to. So, the circle has become her surrogate family. Very quickly, you’ll see that she steps up and becomes her destiny.

Are you looking forward to playing that moment where she embraces it?

ROBERTSON: Yes, I truly am. We are working with it now, trying to figure out when that moment actually is. I think there’s probably a progression to it. It’s also about the relationships that she develops. The more she’s able to trust those within the circle, the more she’ll be able to stand up for herself.

Daca ati citit seria Cercul Secret atunci stiti de John cel Negru(Black Jhon)….de ce l-am pomenit?Pentru ca s-ar putea sa apara si in serial!

haustonst: What can you tell me about Secret Circle that hasn’t been told yet?

Hmm…How about that fans of the original book series (written by L.J. Smith) may see some familiar faces pop up in unexpected ways? “I think it’s a really fun way to introduce characters, especially for people who love the book series,” executive producer Andrew Miller tells us. “We’ll definitely do that.” Black John, perhaps? “We might incorporate a character like Black John,” Miller teases. “He might be renamed.”

secret_circle: Any Secret Circle goodies?

A key difference between TSC and Vampire Diaries? Cassie (Britt Robertson) isn’t exactly a goody two-shoes like Elena (Nina Dobrev). Cassie falling in love with Adam (Thomas Dekker), even though she shouldn’t, “brings her into these dark feelings in herself,” Miller explains. “We start this journey with Cassie between good and evil inside herself that relates to her mom and dad.”

Inca doua saptamani si vom vedea primul episod?Abia astept :X:X:X



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