Nu v-ati saturat de Secret Circle?Noi nu!

De azi putem vedea alte poze promotionale cu actorii din Secret Cirle!Sunt 8 poze in total!









Mai avem o parte din interviul cu Kevin Willamson….

Will The Secret Circle be a little lighter and have a bit more humor than The Vampire Diaries?

WILLIAMSON: These are real people, living in a real world, and then suddenly, they are making this magic. I do think there certainly is a snark to that. Damon has it, front and center. The Secret Circle is very dark. Our version of witchcraft is very dark. It’s not that hard-edged, ripping hearts out and slicing people open that we do in The Vampire Diaries, but there are other ways to skin a cat. So, there will be humor, and there will be scary, evil, witchy-woo.

What are differences between the mythologies and the powers that witches have in these two universes?

WILLIAMSON: When you do the historical history lesson of it all, it dates back to a place. WithThe Vampire Diaries, it’s completely separate. It would be really hard to connect the witchcraft of The Secret Circle to the witchcraft of The Vampire Diaries. They are operating under different rules.

Si acum sa-l auzim pe Louis Hunter vorbind despre personajul sau Nick…


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