Teen Wolf

Acum 5 minute am terminat primul sezon din Teen Wolf.Trebuie sa va spun ca m-a surprins placut acest serial.Nu ma asteptam sa fie asa de bun.Conceptul varcolacilor din acest serial se apropie foarte mult de varcolacii traditionali.Cei care se trasforma la luna plina,cei pe care poti sa-i omori doar cu argint…etc.Daca va plac varcolacii nu trebuie sa ratati acest serial!Primul sezon s-a terminat,dar a fost deja confirmat un al doilea sezon.Cautand informatii despre sezonul 2 uitati ce am gasit:

  1. Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) gets a love life! While executive producer Jeff Davis has always said that Stiles would never get the girl, “never” may not be as long as it sounds. “Expect for some amount of romance to enter Stiles’ life in the second season,” he tells Zap2it. As to whether that romance involves Lydia (Holland Roden), it’s anyone’s guess!
  2. There will be a female werewolf. Speaking of Lydia — we still don’t know exactly what happened to her. Davis assures us that next season we’ll see a girl transform, but he’s not spilling as to whether it’s Lydia or not. Regardless, she’s definitely got an interesting road ahead of her. After nearly dying at the hand of the Alpha, even if she stays human, some people are going to have some explaining to do.
  3. Is Jackson a wolf? One of the major cliffhangers involved Derek about to take a bite out of our fave, Jackson — but we can’t be sure whether he’ll be turned into a werewolf or killed. We’re guessing that he wolfs out, since Davis says that they’re not done exploring his issues quite yet. “It’s the idea of a young man who has never met his parents, and specifically his father, so it’s abandonment issues that drive Jackson’s personality,” Davis tells us. “It’s basically the idea of impressing parents who are never even there, making people love you who aren’t there, who you’ve never even met. We’re going to delve more into Jackson’s family and his history next season.”
  4. More mama drama. We totally love Scott’s (Tyler Posey) relationship with his mom, Melissa (Melissa Ponzio), and so do the writers. “The nice thing about a first season is you get to know an actor’s strengths, and she’s really funny and really cool,” Davis tells us. “I started writing more and more for her as the season went on. So she’s definitely going to be a big part of Season 2. I want to see her in danger, so you can definitely expect a little more danger to enter Melissa McCall’s life.”
  5. Love is in the air. How sweet was that finale shot of Allison (Crystal Reed) and Scott on the roof? Their romance certainly won’t be easy in Season 2, especially now that her hunter family has their eye on him so closely, but we can definitely expect to see them do their best to make it work despite the odds being stacked against them.
  6. Werewolf vs. Werewolf. As we saw in the finale, Scott and Derek are definitely not on the same page anymore, and the rift is only going to grow deeper. Without Derek there to be Scott’s guide through the werewolf world, Stiles is going to be more involved in “the werewolf of it all,” as Davis puts it — and this is going to be particularly troubling for a certain Sheriff. “Scott and Stiles are going to make a lot of mistakes on the way, and a lot of those mistakes are going to effect [Stiles’] father’s life as well. Stiles is going to cause a lot more trouble for his dad.”
  7. The search for the cure. The cure for what ails Scott supposedly comes from the one that bit him — but now that the Alpha is dead and Derek is the new boss, they need to find a new angle. “That’ll definitely be explored in Season 2,” Davis says. “Scott’s still hoping to find a way to get rid of the curse.”
  8. Prepare to get comfortable on the edge of your seat. “As long as we can keep a good balance of humor and romance, I’d really like to amp up the scares next season,” Davis tells us. “I want to make it a little more of a thriller, more scary, a little darker. The trick is that you need to build up to that, so that it’s a slow burn.”



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