Vanatoare si iubire :>

Vineri la ora de engleza ne-a pus profa sa scriem o compunere ca sa exersam pentru testele ce vor urma si uitati ce am scris noi doua:


It was a night like the one we’ve gone hunting:cold with the moon hidden under the clouds.The best night for escaping from prison.The dark gave me protection and the cold protected me from overburning.But that wasn’t my biggest problem.The dogs.They were chasing me.I wasn’t sure if I could escape.But it worth the try.I was still running.I wasn’t going to stop.The adrenaline keept rushing inside me.A litlle more.I could imagine the dogs behind me,catching me…..They were gettin’ closer and closerone of them got a bite of me I screamed but that didn’t stop me saw my opportunity and used it.I escaped.


Love…something so fragile, yet so strong.Nobody  can tell you who to love or how to love.Everything starts as a lump in the stomach and gradually turns into something that makes your heart race and blood to burn in your veins.

Maybe it isn’t a feeling that lasts forever,but it makes you happy as long as it exists. Without love we couldn’t call ourselves humans.We love everything around us from the smallest creature to the entire universe. But did we stood once and ask ourselves why we love the ones around us?The answer is simple.We have the need to feel alive sa know that we didn’t pass the life without doing anything to deserve it.

Liviu Rebreanu said:”Love isn’t a trade: I love you because you love me. Love is a certitude: I love you because I love you.” It’s the quote I consider the one that describes the best love,because if the love would be a trade it would mean we are selfish,and if the love represents something that thing is that love is unselfish.

For love we  are capable o doing the most craziest things even if we regret later.

I think love is something worth to living for

Ce ziceti?Va plac compunerile noastre?


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