Seriale noi la CW! :X

UPDATE:Aseara nu am obeservat dar Cris mi-a atras atentia la o gresala ce am facut-o in post.Nu seria ce va aparea la Corint Junior va fi ecranizata ci o alta serie a autoarei.Scuze de eroare.Si multumesc Cris pentru ca mi-a atras atentia daca nu imi ziceai nici nu observam :))

Curioasa sa vad cate ceva despre noua serie ce va aparea la Corint Junior am aflat ca aceasta serie va fi ecranizata sub forma de serial!Uitati ce declara un site:

Here are descriptions of the shows on the company’s development slate:

The Murder Room (CBS), based on the book by Michael Capuzzo
True story of a world famous profiler, forensic artist, and leading investigator for the FBI who form a team to investigate crimes that have stupefied law enforcement around the world.
EP/W: George Nolfi

Widow Detective (CBS)
After having three partners killed in the line of duty, a decorated police detective adopts their families, becoming husband/ lover/ father.
EP/W: David Hubbard

Two Badges (CBS), based on the book by Mona Ruiz and Geoff Boucher
Mona Ruiz is a decorated police detective, the wife of a gangbanger in prison for murder and the mother of a son destined to follow in his father’s footsteps. A woman who oscillates between two worlds: the barrio she was born into and the city she protects. 
EP/W: Ted Humphrey

Unearthly (CW), based on the book by Cynthia Hand
A girl who realizes that her destiny is to become an angel.
EP/W: Kevin Murphy
EP: Robin Schorr

The Hollows (CW), based on the bestselling book series The Hollows by Kim Harrison
Set in an urban fantasy world, Rachel Morgan, a PI witch, works with local law enforcement agencies to combat threats both mundane and supernatural. 
EP/W: Jordan Hawley

Throwdown Gun (FX)
The lives of a white cop and a black cop are forever intertwined after covering up a violent crime while on duty — the consequences of which alter race relations in Los Angeles. 
EP/W: James Ellroy
EP: Clark Peterson

Mie una mi-ar placea sa vad The Hollows si Unearthly.Ati observat si voi ca multe seriale sunt facute dupa carti?


2 thoughts on “Seriale noi la CW! :X

  1. Cris says:

    Este vorba de doua serii complet diferite ale autoarei. “The Hollows”, cea care va fi ecranizata, este alta, nu cea care va fi publicata. Cea care va aparea la Corint Teens este “Madison Havery”, alta serie.

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