O serie fantasy cu….Mos Craciun?

Dupa cum spune si titlul am gasit o seire fantasy cu MOS CRACIUN.De fapt cu cei 5 fii ai lui.Delatii,detalii.Mie mi se pare interesanta.Cititi descrierile mai jos si ziceti-mi ce credeti.(daca vreti :D)

 What if the legend of Santa Claus is in fact, true? What if Santa has five big strapping sons who help him run his empire? Five single, sexy sons looking for romance… 

Nicholas Klaus is a master pastry chef, a strict disciplinarian, and the eldest son of the legendary Santa Claus. One look at café owner Lucy Brewster sends him into an unexpected tailspin of lusty desires. When Lucy is injured, Nicholas makes a decision that catapults both of their lives into turmoil …. 

Lucy Brewster, the free-spirited proprietor of Sweet Inspiration, has a flair for concocting sugary confections but no time for adventure. She gets more than she bargained for when she awakens in the North Pole…rambunctious elves, a fitness-obsessed Santa, and the man of her dreams. Does she have what it takes to become the next Mrs. Klaus?

Oskar Klaus’ job is killing him. Not even his favorite hobbies (extreme snowboarding and browsing old bookstores) are enough to snap him out of his funk. It’s not easy living in the shadow of four successful older brothers and a father named Santa. Little does he know that a kiss on New Year’s Eve is about to turn his life upside-down. 

Kiana Grant’s Manhattan life is a world away from her childhood in Oahu. She traded sunsets and surfing for a respectable career in library science, but Oskar Klaus is a temptation that’s hard to resist. Before she knows it, she’s in the midst of an outrageous adventure in the North Pole, dealing with mischievous elves, wicked demons, and a devastating attraction to Santa’s youngest son. 

There’s just one problem…a bitter elf hell-bent on revenge threatens the future of everyone in the North Pole, even Santa himself…

Eu o sa incerc sa citesc cartile acestea pana la Craciun.Ce ziceti incercati si voi sa cititi cartile astea doua?Daca intrebarea mea nu v-a motivat o sa fac altceva.Va provoc sa cititi cartile astea!Ce ziceti?Sunteti indestui de competitivi incat sa acceptati provocarea?Stiu ca probabil va intrebati daca v-a fi un premiu sau ceva de genu’….inca nu stiu.Mai vedem.Va tin in suspans!


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