Ganduri de Valentine’s Day… :)

“The day I met you, my life changed…the way you make me feel is hard to explain. You make me smile in a special kind of way…you make me fall deeper in love everyday.”

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring.”

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I had no control over.”

“You don’t know what you do to me, you don’t have a clue, you don’t know what it’s like to be me, looking at you.”

“You can close your eyes from the things you don’t want to see but you can never close your heart from the things you don’t want to feel.”

“Sometimes you have to walk away from what you want to find what you deserve.”

“If I had to choose between loving you and breathing, I’d used my last breath to tell you that I love you!”

“Destiny decides who touches your life. Your heart decides who touches your soul.”

“If you love somebody, set them free. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”

“Wanting to ask a simple question, but so afraid of that simple answer…”

“Close the door, lock it tight, then I know your safe tonight, turn on our song, that means the most, believe I’m there hold me close…”

“It’s funny that despite how many times one person breaks our hearts, we still can’t stop thinking about them.”

“First time I saw you, I was scared to touch you. First time I touched you, I was scared to kiss you. First time I kissed you, I was scared to love you. But now that I love you, I’m scared to lose you!”

“If you were a wound inside my heart, I’d rather leave it there with all the pain locked inside than leave it without a trace of you.”

“Caring for someone is easy but making someone care for you is hard. Now I keep wondering how did you make it so easy for me to care for you.”

“There are two reasons why I wake up in the morning: my alarm clock and you.”

“Someone asked what makes people happy. Some said wealth and some said fame. I was thinking about this when my cell phone beeped and received a text from you. Then, I smiled and said: “This makes me happy.””

“If love is a disease then I’m very ill. But I would not want medicine and won’t take any pill. I would instead suffer this illness and be bedridden with joy of knowing you.”

“You’ll know that you miss someone very much when every time you think of that person, your heart breaks into pieces and just a quick “Hello” from that person can bring the broken pieces back.”

“Great minds contain ideas, solutions and reasons; scientific minds contain formulas, theories and figures; my mind contains only you!”

“Hatred infects the mind; love dissolves it. You dissolve my mind.”

“I may run out of message to text you. I may run out of jokes too. I may also run out of battery or even a peso but my heart won’t run out of space for you!”

“Nobody tells fish to swim, birds to fly, cows to moo, dogs to bark – they just do. Just like nobody tells me to remember you. I just do!”


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