The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 la Comic Con 2012!

Comic-Con marks the beginning of the end of promotional appearances for the Twilightgang as the blockbuster franchise comes to a conclusion with Breaking Dawn—Part 2 in November. ”I knew this day would come and I’d be done playing Jacob. It’s a bummer,” Taylor Lautner says. ”Each time we’d come back to film another movie it was like going back to school, or camp, or vacation.” Of course, the actual filming of Part 1 and 2 wasn’t always fun and games. Because of the climactic confrontation at the end of Part 2, director Bill Condon had 23 new vampire characters to direct, along with scads of vampire-y extras. ”It’s amazing how many people just come and hang out,” Condon says of the challenge of directing supernaturals. ”They are all people who don’t smoke or drink or sit or blink. They just stand there,” he laughs. While Part 1 got pretty weird — a half-vampire baby, Bella becoming a member of the undead, Jacob imprinting on the infant — the actors are gleeful about what’s to come in Part 2. Says Kristen Stewart, ”The ending is nuts.” (Summit, Nov. 16, 2012) —Sara Vilkomerson


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